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  1. Please kindly help we that are using Nokia asha 200 to be able to download whatsapp application. We’ve been trying to download it all this while. We can’t wait to have it on our phone.

  2. I deleted whatsapp from my Iphone and downloaded it again and reinstalled it. Have I lost for ever all the messages I had from before? Is there a way to recuperate them?

  3. How can I send a music file?

  4. How can I send music files using whatsapp?

  5. if have this problem with whatsapp.. the program not working so i downloaded new one and while enter my phone number i got this message… this phone number not allowed to use our services any mor…. please help

    • hello sam i am kishore i m having same problem. and did ur whatsapp account got started…and how many days it tuk to start up brother please do reply me

  6. I cannot change my Watsapp do I do that ? I am using a Huawei Honor phone. Thanks.

  7. How can I delete whatsapp chat messages on Nokia cellphone?

  8. I have wrong put the name of my friend in the “whatsapp contact”. How can i change it ?

    Thanks in advance !

  9. why is it that when I send a music file to my friend their phone says it’s not compatible?.. what can we do to resolve this?

  10. I have a cel number in Costa Rica and I have Whatsapp with that number. Now I’m in USA and I have a new number. I changed my cel to a Galaxy 3 and I’m trying to install whatsapp but when I add my Costa Rica number they sent me a code number to my cel and I supposed to include that number to finish the installation, but since I’m not in Costa Rica I can’t see that code so I have to use my USA number and I can’t change it now, so nobody in Costa Rica can contacted me. How can I change my number or install whatsapp without this code?

  11. When i want to forward it gives error and says try again i uninstaled and installed again the ptoblem not solved

  12. I am unable to input the verification code to verify my phone number because I am currently abroad and am not able to receive SMS or phone calls. I am unable to use my WhatsApp until I receive that code. Is there any way that I can bypass this verification process, or can the code be sent to me via email?

  13. Blocked out of WhatsApp on iphone. Re-entered phone # but is asking for 3 digit activation code and I dont know what it is

  14. Using What’sApp for Windows Phone 7.5.

    When typing out a long message, the text box will expand below the keyboard while typing. This makes it very difficult to send long messages.

  15. I they ask me for 3 numbers of the pin what is that, I can’t add numbers

  16. I can not downlaod each time try give me massage “this item is not active in ur country” i dont know what i do
    pls helpppppppp

  17. My msgs have a timer next to them. I can’t send ir receive messages. Please advise. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

  18. how do i switch from “online” to Offline” and vice versa without switching off my internet connection?

  19. Uninstalled whatsapp by mistake? How to recover?

  20. Hello, I have been suffering from a problem to my overseas contacts on what’s
    app. I can receive their messages and they can see me online too BUT when I
    try sending them message. A “cross sign” appears and its written “diverted”
    beneath it.
    Kindly help me solve this issue please.

  21. Are all messages through whatsapp encrypted?

  22. How do I delete contacts and conversations from what’s app on my nokia lumia 800 phone please? Can you answer this as soon as possibel? Thank you.

  23. Keep getting as sms error when signing into Whatsaap can you please help.

  24. i want to get theme background in whatsapp in my blackberry

  25. Hi,

    I am using the Andriod mobile, and wanted to know is there a method to delete the conversation from my mobile so it also gets deleted from other guys mobile with whom i have a chat.


  26. Why cant i delete posted photos

  27. I am unable to send message to one of my whats app contact where as I can receive the messages from that contact. also i can chat with other contacts . the issue is with this specific contact only. the number is not in rejected list and its with +format.
    It started all of a sudden

  28. Whatsapp is not working

  29. How To Change My Whasapp Picture??


  31. When am trying to verifying my number it says.. Server failed..please neeed help

  32. I have installed WhatsApp but I cannot receive the verification code because I have disabled international text messages. Is there another way that I can receive the code or start the app so I can use it via wifi? Thank you.

  33. my whatapp cant send pictures

  34. Verification code

  35. Hi Support,

    Please I need to recover my chat history, very critical. My phone went bad and I could not access the phone and whatsapp.

    Is this available.


  36. I have a blackberry 9800 whose pearl button doesn’t work well and I think it’s because it interferes with whatsapp software. I can see is related to the group chat that are usually full of messages and the mobile can’t cope with all of them so the software crashes and I cant use this main button. I want to unistall whatsapp completely but I don’t know how to do it. I tried updating versions but the problem remains, so I would like to clean my mobile and start over if you tell me how.

    Thank you very much.

  37. ive downloaded the latest version to my nokia n8 but it wont let me start a chat with anyone it kicks me out….ive deleted the app, switched my phone off and re installed but still doesnt work

  38. Hi
    I had an iphone and used whatsapp. Now I switched to Android and there is a feature which seems not to work. The feature is the message indicator. When someone sends me a message, there is a sound indicator but no indicator on the icon. How would I get it to work? I use the latest Android version on the Samsung Note 2 device.


  39. Hi, I am using a Sony Xperia Neo L android phone. Have been running the Whatsapp app successfully for a month. This morning I got an error that says ‘Insufficient Storage available’. I tried to shift Whatsapp from the phone memory to the SD card memory, but it doesn’t give me that option. How can I solve this so I can begin to use Whatsapp again?

  40. How to change whatapp alert tone with custom alert tone.

  41. i have downloaded my whatsapp,and it keep on saying”whatsapp is setting your favourites please wait”and then its says it has failed.its been a week now.

  42. Hello, my i am sent images on whatsapp but it does not download the images. Can u pls help.

  43. Dear team,

    I don’t want to keep a track of all chats on whatsapp. Once I finish the chat with someone I need the conversation to be automatically deleted.
    Is this possible by any means?

  44. Hi. Just wondering if there is a problem with the newest update for whatsapp 2.8.6 and iPhone 6.01. I tried to update last week and the update would not finish installing and I was u able to use what’s app. I had to swipe my phone clean and re upload from iCloud.

    Now I’m afriad to try to use the update again unless I know it will work.

    Please let me know what I should do if update gets stuck again.

    Thanks Julie

  45. Hi,
    i started having a problem in opening any image sent to my whats app, it shut’s down the app, and close it automatically before finihsing to download the image, I tried to restart the device, and the problem remains.

  46. My friend and i both have whatsapp installed. we live in the same country. (the netherlands) and we both use the +31. We still cant see each other in favourite after rebooting whatsapp. We are sure that te numbers are correct. Please help us.

  47. Hi M getting error while installing new version of whatsapp 2.8 in my mobile i.e “unrecoverable error please contact customer suport” please help me with this

  48. Are the messages regarding the deletion and charging for what’sapp true or hoax

  49. hallo,habe ein problem,habe handy auf werkstand zurück gesetzt und kann nun nicht mehr in das neu instalierte whats app mit meiner handy nummer,weil ich es javor dem zurücksetzten nicht gelöscht habe (Accoun) was jett???

  50. How do i get my contacts status’ to show?? They say error status unavailable

  51. Hello,

    I have a problem downloading photos sent to be by my contacts.
    When trying to download the bar start and then it closes the application.

    It’s really strange and i don’t know how to fix it.
    I have iPhone 4, and I deleted the app and reinstalled twice,
    But it doesn’t help.

    Any idea?


  52. contact me plz

  53. hi,

    I sent a message by mistake to another person which will make me a big trouble. How can I delete this message from his phone?

    the message has already been read.


  54. I had just update my whatsapp few days passed. Now i’m not able to send/receive image with it. It keep showing “preview image failed, please try it again”.
    Please assist to solve this error.

    Thank you

  55. Hi, do you have instructions in German?

  56. how do i add a background on whatsapp on my samsung galaxy y

  57. Hi
    May I cancel all my messages sent on the target phone ? I sent messages that I wouldn’t that the receiver read.
    Thank you

  58. What do I do when my blackberry 9320 smartphone does not download whatsapp?every time I try downloading in the middle of the download it reports an error and stops the download!

  59. My friend has a nokia c2 1 can he get whatsapp

  60. Please help me.

  61. I have done this before, but I can’t seem to be able to do it again. My question is how can I transfer my Whatsapp photos and conversation to my home computer?

  62. sir/mam
    i am continuous user of whatsapp past anm year,but suddenly on 26 this month
    my whatsapp crashed or any check has been put up by your team!!!
    When i m trying to dowloan whatsapp on my iphone2g(3.1.3) from app store,it is saying “application support for version 4.1.3 or later).
    Please help me out or provide support for iphone 2g because we all are missing and not able to communicate with our frinds..

  63. how to change chat font size, nokia 5800

  64. Rithvik Narayanan

    I’d like to know how to go off record while texting.

  65. Hey there,
    I installed whatsapp in my nexus4 .i am trying to login but its show me a error.

  66. the clear conversation option for the android version,does it also delete the message on the receivers phone ? If no is there an option to delete my message from the receivers phone as well ? A contact does not delete itself in whatsapp even when deleted from the phones contact why is that so ?

  67. Hello

    Is Whatsapp also possible with a number at the smartphone from Liechtenstein (00423) ?

    Thank you for your soon answer.

  68. Downloaded whatsapp…Tried to install but error is unable to internet is working f9 n speed is good..i even rebooted my phone..plz help asap

  69. how to send WhatsApp messages to my PC or Email id like Gmail.

  70. My what’s app page after opening icon is black with no response!

  71. Can i recall the messages which i sent to someone who is not activated the Internet???

  72. What’s App login has requested my phone number and upon entering it, I receive a message stating that the number is no longer allowed to access What’s App.

    Please help.

  73. How do I increase the font size or view on my Nokia c3 for whatsApp…???

  74. Hi, I’m having trouble sharing photos from my gallery on HTC Desire via WhatsApp. When I tap the paperclip icon while writing a message, it gives me the option to go to the gallery and asks me to tap one item. When I tap any of them, it says preview image failed, please try again. Any ideas please? This phone is new to me so I have a lot to learn…

    Many thanks

  75. I cannot start a chat or messenge only one contact on my entire list of contact. When I select the contact to chat, it does not open up or rather nothing happens.

    when the contact change the sim card on the phone being used, I can chat normally.

    Please help urgent.

  76. Watts app showing your voice verification failed too many times contact support

  77. If i deleted a meesage from a conversation, when i send the conversation by email, do I see the deleted items??

  78. my phone is Nokia X2-00
    i download the whatsapp but every time during opening error comes could not connect to server so what i do?

  79. how to change the phone number on my samsung galaxy s3

  80. Hi

    I hope you’re well.

    My friend has sent photos via what’s app to me ( I have a Blackberry), which I can view but not save. This is the comment that comes up when I try to save the pics: “Problem saving the file: IOException: File system out of resources”

    What does this mean & what can I do to fix this please?

    Kind regards
    Samacia Maloy

  81. I have been trying to upload my prof picture, but many times the pic is uploaded vertically even when the original pic is in horizontal… Plz help

  82. I can not download whatsapp, they said it not supported on my phone or sim. What can I do?

  83. How do i change the background of whatsapp on my Samsung omnia7 windows phone

  84. H there..,
    I’am using your app on android, is there any option that i can received my what’s up app to my email, because somtimes i left my phone at house.


  85. error ocurred

  86. Hi, when using whatsapp at the top it says last seen. What does this mean? is it the last time the person used the app in conversation? And when it says online does this mean they are currently on the app? can it say someone is online or last seen if they havet been on it?

  87. the server keep sending me messages about the new version even after i updated it..

    it is absolutly irritating
    it sends amessage every half and hour.
    please help!

  88. I’m having trouble using its not connecting with my contacts my friends are unable to find me

  89. Is it possible for a mobile number to be dissconected but the person to still be using whatsapp using that number?

  90. to down load whatsapp

  91. The apps is very good except the font size in Windows Phone 7.8 is very very small. Other OS has the option to change the font size but not available in Windows Phone.

    Please add this feature into Windows Phone.

  92. if i check any photo,video its showing sorry this media file doesnt exist on yor sd card

  93. When I go on whatsapp it stays on the loading bit and it won’t go any further then it comes up contact support.

  94. My whatsapp will send my messages immediately to every contact but one. For one contact it just comes up with one tick. How can I make it send immediately?

  95. I unblocked a friend but now we cannot chat why

  96. can i know who looked to my status or pic in whats app

  97. Dear sir,

    I have just received my new android and it works perfectly with WhatsApp. However, I have registered a friends phonenumber in my system with the wrong name. After editing the wrong name into the right one in my contact list, the WhatsApp application still shows me the wrong name.

    How can I change his WhatsApp name?

    The phone I am using is a Samsung Galaxy Y.

    Best regards,
    Robin Tol

  98. 1. How do I create groups on Whatsapp and add friends to that group?

    2. How do I refresh my whatsapp contacts to view the ones who recently joined?


  99. I could whatsapp all my contacts except for 1. I get one tick instead of 2, but I can receive whatsapp from him but not send none to him.

  100. i need to verify my phone number …
    when i follow steps for verify the numer
    i have message say : you have verify many time … please contact support ….

  101. I am able to forward and recieve pictures but I am unable to send clicked or already existing pictures from my iPhone. I deleted and reinstalled the application but the problem persists. Please help me

  102. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you
    an e-mail. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  103. Can I see who checked my status in whatsapp?

  104. The application is telling me my phone number is not valid? How can I fix this?

  105. uncaught exception: string index out of range: 12

    i keep getting this message on my blackberry torch and i cant access whatsapp when i touch the icon

  106. Hi I would like to how do I save a display pic of a friend on a Samsung galaxy note 1

  107. Hi,
    I changed phones so I tried to download the application to a Samsung Duos Grand through Play Store but it says that the app cannot be installed in your country. When I was using Experia, I was able to use it.
    Is there any restrictions in downloading the app? I have subscribed for three years as I really like how it works…
    Could you shed light into this mystery?


  108. Hi dear when I use Skype there is no voice ,sound nothing I only have picture no voice pleassssssse fix the problem

  109. Hello Whatsapp Team,

    My question is if I post something wrong from my iPhone in a group chat, say I send an image mistakenly in a group chat of 20 people and I want that image to be deleted permanently from the group chat, how that can be accomplished, If I delete the image from my phone in that chat, its still visible to others, is there a way say if the group admin deletes the image that image can be deleted from the chat window. Please reply as I made a mistake, which however sound funny, but I want that to be rectified at the earliest.


  110. Hey please make whatsapp to see all the ringtones in my iphone and be able to set them as message notification alert, is very boring that we all have the same sounds and we have to jailbreak iphone to fix this. Please

    Thank you.

  111. you have failed voice verification too many times please contact support message i am getting when installing on my phone please give me information regarding this.

  112. i am having problem it is my 3rd time i write for my phone does not accept whatsapp i have tried several times my phone name is Nokia E63 and i am using my mtn starter pack,please help me if finishing my airtime because its downloading and when it on 98 it just say file corrupted,Please help me

  113. Hi. I recently changed my number with new sim card. I was trying to register to WhatsApp but it says that my number is invalid in the Philippines. How do I fix it? Your help is much appreciated, thank you.

  114. I have an Iphone 4 and I’ve been using Whatsapp for quite a while now.
    Sins a few weeks it is very important for me to be able to show how many messages have been coming in and how many messages I sent over a certain period of time.

    Last week in de period from 16-04-2013 till 21-04-2013 11 o’clock I sent 16 messages and received 22 messages, but the counter in the data usage showed respectively 27 and 33 messages – being 11 more on both counts. It created the impression that I have been deleting messages.

    How can that be possible? Why the number of sent and received messages is higher then the actual number? Is there a way of poroving that no messages have been deleted over this period of time?

  115. Acabo de pagar mi servicio de whatsapp y no se me activa la cuenta me pone que aun esta caducada

  116. Not able to forward received messsages.
    I wanted to forward a content from someone but there’s no forward option.
    Sent no problem but would appreciate if this feature be included into next version if it is not available.

  117. Since I paid for the Whatapp the program always crashes when I type any work starting with a D. I am unable to write down a word there after until I reset my Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Please advise.


  119. I have had whatsapp since 26 dec 12, i updated this morning and all of my conversation from 26 dec 12 till now have gone. i rang 02 because that is the network i am on they said i a not the first person to ring up today with the same problem, i am very very upset about this an i am wondering if they will ever come back and if so can you help me do that please

  120. My whatsapp isn’t sending messages to just 1 contact. I send the message and it comes through on my phone as 1 green tick, instead of 2, and the person hasn’t received it. I can, however, send whatsapp messages to all other contacts without any problems. (I can also receive messages from all contacts, including the 1 who is not receiving my replies!). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted my phone but nothing seems to have worked. Any ideas?

  121. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You are wonderful! Thanks!

  122. My don’t work when i’m connected to wi-fi any more but when i use my data it works, why can’t i use it anymore on my wi-fi connection? please help.

  123. I can’t edit to type a msg because of that i can’t move the cursor down coz whenever i press enter button after writing something the msg is sent to the friend plz solve this problem i am using nokia asha 200

  124. Please watch the video “Glass Walls” with a very important message from Paul McCartney

  125. I don’t know my whatsapp address.

  126. I need whatsapp for my Nokia Asha 202 urgently!plzzz

  127. I need whatsapp for my Nokia Asha 202 urgently.plzz!

  128. Why do i have to wait 47 hours to get a call verification code?

  129. Whatsapp push notifications not working properly on my Nokia Lumia 620.
    Please help me out.

  130. why i am not able to send VDO clips more than 16 kb from my blackbery , through whatssapp to my friend’s whatsapp acount

    • why i am not able to send VDO clips more than 16 kb from my blackbery , through whatssapp to my friend’s whatsapp acount

  131. When i am trying to voice msg i am getting error msg “can’t setup recorder now, plz try agin latter”. i already upgrade the software but still i am getting above error msg.

    plz help.

  132. my 3g was on and some unknow person chat was showing on my watsapp and my photos and videos was there in that chat please help how it happened…

  133. when in the hell are you fucking idiots going to stop sending me your fucking emails that I never sign up for take message service and stick it up your – – -

  134. my name is Nishant Kunkule I am using HTC desire V since last year,
    but when my data reached more than 3mb my watsapp application is hang or not support I am facing this issue when I purchase my androide phone please help me asap otherwise I am uninstall your beautifully app

  135. My whatsapp doesn’t work on my bb 9800 and I don’t know why

  136. Hello,
    I have used Update Service and updated my mobile(canvas 2). After update, only whatsapp is unable to connect to internet. I have rebooted my phone several times and reinstalled Whatsapp several times.
    Error Msg:
    Unable to Connect. Please check that you are connected to the Internet and try again. Please reboot your phone if your connection problem persists.
    Note: I am able to connect to internet using browser and able to use other apps.
    Please assist.

  137. i am getting all the msgs in whatsapp when i connect through wifi but if want to download media file its not possible to download i am using samsung s duos whats the problem

  138. Hi,

    I am using HTC DESIRE VC mobile and I had installed whatsapp application few months bank on my mobile. Application was working absolutely fine since then but from last 2 days I am facing a weird problem with Whatsapp. Whenever I click on the application to open it, it did not show the messages and goes back my home screen.

    Application is getting crashed everytime and push me back to my previous screen or home screen. I had uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice but issue is still the same.


  139. I have the last version of whatsapp on iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.4
    And when i am trying to send to a trend/group a voice message get the error. blow:
    whatsapp application error failed to save audio message
    In settings>privacy>microphone on whattsapp the microphone is on
    In settings>iCloud >documents & data the microphone is on as well.
    I don’t know what to do and I will be happy to get help.

    Thanks Aviad

  140. Hi,

    I am using Nokia X2-01 phone. I installed whats app on my phone and used it for a while, which was working fine. Unfortunately it got deleted. Now when I am trying to reconnect it, I get the following error:

    Kindly help me to resolve this problem please.

  141. Can not send and receive message after changing the SIM. Anyway I can send and receive message frommy new SIM. How to resove the issue. I want to send the message with my old sim also.

  142. Mohamed Abubakar


    After installing watsapp i am getting “creating favourites”. How to solve these problem

  143. My blackberry 9320 is requesting that i reset my time and then restart whatsapp. I’m worried that all my contacts will wiped off?! Will they?

  144. this number 5767234 is using my picture as his profile photo what can be done about this. this is identity theft

  145. I’m unable to install whatsapp onto my bbz10 after deleting it during the outage.
    When I input my phone number I’m given an error message asking me to try later.
    How can i get it back?

  146. Claudious Tamuka

    Why am I forced to open a google account when I want to download whatsapp? Is it a feature of the handset or Whatsapp? How can I download whatsapp without opening a google account?

  147. Hi
    i have read above that a few people have the same problem while traveling.
    my whatsapp need upgrading while abroad and i cant receive sms or calls. verifying my number? Please advise asap

  148. Media file doesnt exist on sd card.

  149. Hey sir m using nokia E 63 n my problem is when i open my whatsapp it shows an option for check for update n when i click on say you version is up to date no other options apears on it plzz kindly help m waiting for ur response

  150. Hey sir m using nokia E 63 n my problem is when i open my whatsapp it shows an option for check for update n when i click on say you version is up to date no other options apears on it plzz kindly help m waiting for ur response?

  151. Manjunatha Kaneppa

    Please develop whatsapp for Bada OS 2.0 version. this will be much helpful to use my phone and communications with my friends.

    Thanks in Advance
    Manjunatha K

  152. i am trouble to add a people whats app group. when i adding them said adding failed please try after sometimes but i was trying sometimes and Wi-Fi network was full when am adding people . please help me as soon as possible

  153. I m usig 3g iPhone ios 3.1.3 I m download whatsapp but I m affraid this app can’t suppot my iPhone ios version how to download whatsapp full specification help me

  154. I am unable to send message to,view display pic,status update,last seen status of contact number even though its not blocked.I face this issue after deleting and re adding the contact. I have un installed and re installed watsapp still i face this issue.kindly help me.

  155. Sir my mobile no 7737048494 lost so please help my phone recover my no whatsup allready running my other no my lost mobile riceved massage so please help me

  156. Is administrator of wifi able to see the videos i have downloaded on watsapp?

    Please let me know

  157. Patience khumalo

    My whattap expired so i tried upgrading it bt it didn’t go through,so i deleted it n tried downloading it again bt i couldn’t, i tried bt still i get this page which i dnt understand, so please help me get my whattap back

  158. Hi I lost my phone and got sent a new sim but it says I tried my code to many times contact support team I tried this days ago but no reply I told them I need get on as the person who has the phone still using it and giving abuse out

  159. Hi,
    I have been getting this problem in whatsapp that whenever I send any videos recorded from my phone, the video is sent but the video quality gets too bad. The colors almost disappear and a broad green stripe appears on the left side of the video. How to solve this?

  160. por favor . volta whatsapp no Windows foneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, eu to precisandoooo

  161. ta difícil se comunica com a minha mãe q ta na argentina , pelo whatsapp era mais facil . Agora não to conseguindo fala com ela direito

  162. Whatsapp could not connect to server:error occurred whilst opening connection?

    in nokia x2-01….

    what can I do ??????????

    Plz help me

  163. i have tried the code wrong again and again whattsapp not working i want u to accout no. is +91-8826341650plz account permanently…n do inform me ..

  164. why i can’t download any picture audio video and voice note from my friends ? im using sony xperia c2105. thankyou

  165. I have a friend added on watsapp, but I cant send him messages and I am not getting messages from him. I can see when he is online and he can see when I am online.

  166. whats app hangs, can’t access any records. Any support to call?


  168. WHY did you take my large font away whatsapp? Is being accessible to the visually impaired not important to you? Now can no longer use my app :(

  169. Its funny to say, But i’m an asha 200 user and i’m enjoying whatsapp…what they actually said its impossiBle…..But d proBlem i’m facing now is that i can’t enaBle my notification enaBler

  170. Sir my whatsup number 9662705212 a number no varification code lost plz. Aapava vanati

  171. I’ve Nokia X2-02. I’ve downloaded whatsapp and updated to latest version through my data connection. But when I try to open it, it’s always throwing an error that “setting up of favourites failed. Could not refresh favourites. Please check your data connection or Wi-Fi”. How to overcome this error. Plz reply.

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