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what’s the advantage of whatsapp

If you are looking for something different from textual messages, mms then WhatsApp Android is the great application for you. Within this platform you can have wide ranges of communication ability with different modes like sharing recorded voice, images, music, privacy, etc. many more flexibility with WhatsApp messenger.

This applications program is great for houses, business people and acquaintances, and also those who live alone but respect a remarkable chat each night. With this applications programme you have enough money unwrap and read-off the most popular subjects of your allies from various earphone types, Android, Android and Android Mobile phones.

Price: FREE
Availability: Google Play
Compatibility with: Android (version tested), BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, WP7


However, for the WhatsApp Android it is in working phase for group chat. In iPhone and Blackberry you have an option for group chat feature. Moreover, one can make a shortcut for a contact of the WhatsApp Messenger using people of your list.

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